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1. What do we mean by Check-Up?

- Check-up is a set of certain number of analyses, photo examinations and tests which are performed to check your health.

2. Why is it important to have a Check-up and how often?

- The Check-upof your health is recommended to be performed on annual basis, depending on your age once every two years to once a year for people over 40 years of age.

- It is to be performed primarily for the protection of your good health and early detection of the risk from different types of diseases.

3. What should be done to have a Check-up?

- It requires, in the morning on an empty stomach to give samples of blood and urine, in order to check the blood pressure, check the lungs, calculate body mass index (BMI) to have an ECG recording, and if necessary to make an Echo (Ultrasound) recording of the internal organs ..........

Upon completion of the analysis and examination recordings all results are collected and thensubmitted to your family doctor. The doctor, based on the values of your results considers your health condition and if necessary undertakes timely prevention actions such as prescribing an appropriate treatment or issues a referral to an appropriate specialist of the required area.

Check-up is an examination of the health condition based of the age and gender of the patient which is performed annually, starting from 20 years of age.

The analyses comprising a Check-up are variable and are not strictly limited to a certain result. Analyses needed for a given Check-up may bealtered and amended according to the age group and health condition of each individual patient.

- The Check-up of healthy persons is usually repeated every 1 to 3 years’ cycle.

Through the Check-up of your health condition, with as high as 90-95% accuracy it can be predicted whether there is any risk of cancer or occurrence of other conditions (diseases). However,no Check-up can ever predict with 100% certainty sudden occurrence of cancer or sudden death.

The percentage of predicting the risk of unwanted disease and preservation of your good health grows with the increase in the number of tests and analyses contained in the Check-up.

With one Check-up, with 100% accuracy

It can determine the existence of:

- Eating disorders

- High blood pressure

- Diabetes

- High cholesterol

- Anaemia - gland and prostate

- Diseases of the liver

- Problems of the urinary tract

- Diseases that are transmitted through sexual intercourse

- Skin cancer

- Thyroid diseases

- Determining existence of tumours

- Hormonal disorders, etc.

With a percentage of 90% may predict risk of:

- breast cancer

- Colon cancer

- Ovarian cancer

- Absence (exsistence) of thyroid and prostate cancer

The Check-up is not just a collection of tests to examine and determine the bad health conditions. On the contrary, it should be seen as a set of tests and analyses to establish and preserve your good health.

To preserve your good health, D.L.B.M in collaboration with the doctors from the clinic “HIGIN”, recommend an annual check of your health condition through the Primary Check-up package